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Gohar Dashti

  The persistence of trauma in Post-war Iran: Gohar Dashi and Today’s Life and War
  Me, She, and the Others
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Me, She, and the Others

One of the factors affecting one’s personality is clothing. However, when you have no liberty for choosing your clothing, you will transform into a multi-personality person. This issue is one of the primary and most important problems that Iranian women have been facing after the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

The women of my generation and I have grown up with this problem and are constantly challenged by ourselves and the person others want. I and them, can only choose our clothing indoors, but when outdoors we have no authority and there are others who choose our clothing.
This is while every person should have liberty of choosing their desired clothing based on their beliefs.

This project titled Me, She, and the Others is a documentary of the clothing of I and other women born after the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

I in this project have photographed women in three situations (Left to Right: Workplace, Indoors, and Society). All of these women have an effective presence in the society, which shows the capabilities of this generation in different arenas of the society. However, these people for this presence are forced to change their appearance relative to their occupation and social environment.

Gohar Dashti