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Rosanna Casano was born in Marsala (Sicily) in 1968. After a few years in Florence, she moved to Barcelona in 1989. A self-taught artist, she immediately joined the local artistics circles, where she met Bruno Fonseca, a key figure in her development as an artist. It was after that meeting that Rosanna Casano, whose artistic background included Italian painting from the Trecento to the Novecento, became acquainted with what she regards as two major influences: Joaquin Torres Garcia and Paul Klee. In her search for a language of her own, free from previous influences, Rosanna Casano used paper as the basis on which she applies structures made of wood and iron to achieve a sort of post-constructivist exercise. She also tried her hand at engraving and portrayed her closest friends and relatives. She was commissioned paintings by private and public patrons.

In 1992, she held her first exhibition in Barcelona (Galeria Safia) and, thanks to the British dealer James West, enjoyed a great success in her first London show in 1993. She has taken part in collective exhibitions in Barcelona, London, Edinburgh, Paris Marseille, Lyon, Hamburg, Munich and Dublin. Her commercial success has allowed her to enjoy a reputation in the international art market. She exhibited her work at the London Contemporary Art Fair in 1994, 1995 and 1996. In 1997 she had her first solo exhibition at the Galeria Columna in Barcelona, where she exhibited a selection of her paintings, drawings and structures, with great crtical and commercial success. In 1999 her works were on display at the stand of the Sala d'Art Artur Ramon in ARTEXPO. In the same year, she illustrated the book El croc de l'esfera, by the Catalan poet Victor Obiols.




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