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Woman: Self-Portrait
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Erika Harrsch, Mexico (lives and works in NY

"Imagos" is a series of imaginary hybrids constructed of enlarged photographs of various species of real butterflies, in whose abdomens are placed images of female genitals (which are of the same geographic origin as the represented butterflies). The artist juxtaposes women and butterflies as being objects of desire, raising questions regarding the representation of the female body, sexuality and identity.  Ms. Harrsch believes that a woman's search for her own desire as well as being desired is essential to the construction of her identity and the development of personality and psyche. In ancient Greek, "Psyche" meant butterfly as well as soul and mind - this body of work, no doubt, captures all three.  

Caligo Memnon (Country of Origin Argentina)
Papilo Rumanzovia (Country of Origin Malaysia)
In many cases, the photographed women have suffered from sexual abuse, violence and humiliation - resulting in experiencing their vagina as a constant source of physical and mental pain. Consequently, the women's genitals created their own wounded identity. In this project, the artist has successfully reconstructed their identity and provided these women a new "self-portrait" - one that is a source of healing, pride and a positive, beautiful perception of themselves.
Actias Luna (Country of Origin USA)
Papilo Rumanzovia (Country of Origin Malaysia)
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