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  Visual art is one of those ways of articulating and means of opening up understanding. Berg’s works display the possibilities of art for taking part in this chain of shaping, dismantling and constructing. The reality of everyday reality and of the perceptions, routines and habits that arise out of it are presented for reassessment. In Berg’s works the transparency of thoughts and mental images has been given tactile form. The immateriality of thoughts has found tangibility: surfaces for thoughts to solidify and grow. At the same time, they radiate visual gaiety and lightness. In the viewing situation the impressions produced by these works stimulate attentiveness and challenge us to see.
–Leevi Haapala

HC Berg is a young Finnish artist who has been steadily growing in international renown over the last ten years. With observation and perception as his subject matter, Berg employs a variety of media from metals to glass to acrylics to create works that possess unlimited optical dexterity. His art challenges customary ways of seeing and viewing, with the interaction of material and light offering surprises and insights.

Berg was the recipient of Finland’s Young Artist of the Year award in 2007, and his works have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and art fairs worldwide. Berg’s artworks have been collected by all major museums in Finland, including Kiasma, EMMA, Helsinki City Art Museum, Oulu City art Museum, Tampere City Art Museum, Wäinö Aaltonen Art Museum in Turku, Ars Nova Museum in Turku, as well as by foundations, institutions and private collections around the world.

HC Berg