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Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You
Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You
Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You Maybe Its You   Studio    


Maybe Its You


Maybe Its You


Are you the one for me? Am I the one for you? Would we find true love together? Can such questions really be answered by taking a 5-minute quiz? Well, no but we've got to start somewhere, don't we? And it might make you laugh!!! After a few comments and careful review, I have made a few changes. Good Luck! Be honest…no cheating! Add your total before getting to the bottom (after#11)!

1. You should know that I like children, and spend lots of time with my children. Here are some of my beliefs…Children should be exposed to many experiences (theater, dining out, parks, museums, music, etc.) to become well rounded, creative and ultimately independent. The rules imposed on them should be limited to those that are necessary to protect them and others, for the sanity of parents, and knowing appropriate behaviors. Children are members of the family, and participate in many events. While they don't know as much as parents, the point is for them to learn and grow, and through a variety of experiences will do so. Is your philosophy compatible with this? BTW, I cannot have more children!

a. Yes (25 points)

b. Part of it…tell me what you think (15 points)

c. No (0 points) d. I don't have any kids. I don't want any kids (0 points)

2. Are you happy with how you look?

a. No (0 points)

b. Once I work on it. I'm happy (5 points)

c. I'm happy and comfortable with how I look form when I first get up in the morning to when I go to bed and dream at night (10 points)

3. You should also know that my taste in men favors bigger (5' 10" + & 200#'s). Knowing that , how would I feel about how you look? Try to rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10 - give yourself the benefit of the doubt if you're unsure.

4. Which statement fits you better:

a. With the people I'm closest to, I am straightforward and frank. If there's something I need to say, I come right out and say it (10 points)

b. With the people I'm closest to, I am subtle. I expect that my close friends and partner understand me well, so I shouldn't have to spell everything out for them (0 points)

c. Agree with both? Neither? Somewhere in-between? Make up your own answer and see if you can guess how many points you get.

5. Most people are driven by all of these to some extent, but which one drives you most:

a. commitment and obligation (5 points)

b. Pleasure and enjoyment (4 points)

c. Inspiration and Enthusiasm (3 points)

d. Curoisty/Fascination (2 points)

e. Status Quo (1 point)

f. Nothing drives you (0 points)

6. Which of the following conversation topics would interest you?

(check all that apply - 1 point each):

a. The human condition

b. Math and science

c. The nature of consciousness

d. Public Policy

e. Sports

f. Current events

g. Social activities

h. Children/families

7. How tolerant are you of dirt and clutter? Rate yourself on a scale of 0 (least tolerant) to 10 (most tolerant).

8. How often do you drink alcohol or use other drugs to the point of intoxication:

a. Never (10 points)

b. Once a month (5 points)

c. Once a week (1 points)

d. More than once a week (0 points)

9. Do you smoke?

a. Yes (0 points)

b. No (5 points)

10. How accepting/tolerant are you of public displays of affection? (I'm not talking about making out in the park, or playing "grab-ass" walking down the street). Holding hands, kissing, playing footsie while having dinner.

Rate yourself yourself on a scale of 0-10. 0 (least tolerant) to 10 (most tolerant)

11. Do you enjoy sex and intimacy? Is it an important part of your relationship?

a. Yes, and I love to cuddle, fondle, hold, talk, and play (10 points)

b. Yes, and I want it very night, including the cuddling and talking (8 points)

c. Yes and 3 - 5 times a week is enough for me, including cuddling, and talking (6 points)

d. Yes and 2-4 times a week is enough for me, including cuddling, and talking (5 points)

e. Yes and once a week is enough for me…cuddling and touching work too (3 points)

f. Do not like being touched…don't even think about it (0 points)

g. No, could do without it forever (-10 points)

How to interpret your score:

0-78 points. If you think we have something to offer each other, let me know. Otherwise, good luck in your search and recommend me to a friend.

79-88 points. Leave me a message. Let's see how our pieces fit together.

89-98 points I would very much look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you.

99-113 points Is it appropriate to beg? Probably not, otherwise I would.

OK, so the quiz is a little silly, but at least it should give you some idea what I'm looking for. At this point you'd probably like to know something about me. Well, I'd get 103 out of 113 on this quiz, so that should tell you something.

My basics: 41 single, professional, female, brown hair, brown eyes, 5'7", full-figured (BBW). Have 2 children that are very important to me. I am looking for it all- marriage, family, (have the kids, and you may too). Etc.. I don't expect to find it right away, relationships take time. I am a great communicator and desire the same! I don't want to "guess" at what you are feeling/thinking. I do have a busy an full life, but would love to have someone to share it with. I don't think it's that important that we share ALL interests - I figure if we are otherwise compatible, we will find things to do together. However, here are some things I enjoy: cooking, movies, listening to music (live, CD's), playing pool, traveling, walks in the park, drives, hole in the wall eateries, ethnic foods, reading, bicycling.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask. Happy to exchange pictures. Please tell me YOUR score!!! :)


Jeffrey Aaronson